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Tufts Bikes PRomo 

This video was made for the student club, Tufts Bikes, as a final project for "Computer Aided Design" at Tufts University. The Bike was 3D Modeled in Inventor, and the animation was created in 3DS Max. 

"I'm turning" Biking Jacket

This is a prototype for a biking jacket that will show which direction the biker turning based on their hand signal. 


This project converts a used paper cup into a spiral coaster, created for Senior Design. Right now, paper cups are not recycled because of their liner, but this project utilized that aspect as an adhesive, so the spiral coaster is created using only a bit of heat and human power!

AT Embroidery Stand

This was designed for a fiber arts student with right hemiplegia. The  embroidery stand allows the user to independtly embroider with only their left hand. 

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