I love creating art, and these pieces I have made either in my spare time, at a summer program at SCAD or in my classes at Tufts University. 


Rooster painted in 2020.

Back of the Car Float

I developed this "Back of the Car Float" for a Fourth of July Float in 2020 and is now displayed in the Glen Rock Public Library. I made this out of cardboard and glue and painted it.

I Wish

Title: "I wish" My dandelion piece is created as a wish of good fortune for my aunt and uncle as they begin their new jobs at the University of Rochester. Each dandelion seed has an engraved wish from a student or faculty member and can attach onto the dandelion base. Both dandelions are sprouting from the laser cut Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester to represent a blossoming and long future in their positions at the school. Created in Fall 2019.

The Pregnant Dinosaur Sketch

When paleontologist Edward Cope first discovered the Elasmosaurus, he placed the head onto its tail, and with many discoveries, our previous conceived notions are proven false. The “Pregnant Dinosaur” confronts our conceived notions of dinosaurs and how quickly the viewer questions whether dinosaurs only lay eggs. The mother of the dinosaur remains open so the viewer can gaze into the stomach and obtain the knowledge that would otherwise be hidden.

The Pregnant Dinosaur

Created for a 3D Foundations Class at the SMFA in 2019. Tools Used: MIG Welder, Spot Welder, Plasma Cutter, Grinder, Sander, Beverly Shear, Jump Shear


This is a scientific illustration that I completed during my time at the SCAD summer program in 2015.

Metal Cast of a Bow

After designing a bow in SolidWorks, I 3D Printed the Bow and then made a cast of it out of Pewter. I created it at Bray Labs and will help teach others how to create their own metal casts as well

Lost in the Rubble

This piece was inspired by the Greek God, Hermes as well as found artifacts from Ancient Greece.


Sketched in 2016.

Trophy Head

I created this piece using rolled pieces of duck tape to produce an elephant head that can mount to hte wall.

Veggie Pals

Sketched in 2018.

Feeling Blue

Painted in 2019.