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Mandy Rosengren

Mandy is a costume designer, technician, and engineer based in Somerville, Massachusetts. She started sewing at the age of six, and I have nine years of experience developing costumes for local theaters, focusing on creating comfortable and sustainable costumes. Check out some of her favorite productions below! 

Mr. Burns - A Post Electric Play

In Spring 2019, Mandy Rosengren costume designed for 3P's production of Mr. Burns - A Post Electric Play at Tufts University. In three acts, the show explores how culture changes and stays the same after an apocalypse through the lens of telling an episode from the Simpsons. 

Some Common Fate

In Spring 2020, Mandy Rosengren developed wearable technology for select costumes in Some Common Fate. Below are some of the costumes designed to include sensors, motors, and LEDs.  Also featured are some of the costumes developed for this undergraduate research project in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Tufts University and for the play development. Due to Covid 19, the play could not be performed, but below features Mandy's designs and the costumes that would have been in the show. Click on the learn more button to explore the production process and see some of the wearable tech costumes in action. 

William Shakespeare's Star Wars Episode iV

In Spring 2016, Mandy Rosengren costume designed and costume teched the Glen Rock High School's production of William Shakespeare's Start Wars Episode 1V and led three costume assistants. 

Additional Productions

Mandy has nine years of experience designing and developing costumes over six production companies.