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Magnum Ovis

Throughout history, humans have hunted for food; with the advent of grocery stores, however, humans have shifted from hunters to shoppers. "Magnum Ovis" addresses this behavior change, referencing the image of the classic mounted head, but created by foraging through the garbage instead of hunting through the forest. The soda tab wool inspires the viewers to confront their own waste while reimagining the hunter's trophy. 


Materials: Soda Tabs, Black and Silver Wire

Th Pregnant Dinosaur
DINO9_30_20199_30_20197H05M21 PM_edited.jpg

The Pregnant Dinosaur

When paleontologist Edward Cope first discovered the Elasmosaurus, he placed the head onto its tail, and with many discoveries, our previous conceived notions are proven false. The “Pregnant Dinosaur” confronts our conceived notions of dinosaurs and prompts the viewer to question whether dinosaurs only lay eggs. The mother of the dinosaur remains open so the viewer can gaze into the stomach and see for themselves what might otherwise remain hidden.

Materials: Welded Aluminum

The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

In the midst of the pandemic, many were worried about human contact and switched from in-person shopping to packaged deliveries. The "Statue of Liberty" finds a new use for this packaging waste while inspiring and thanking our essential workers in its original display as a "Back of the Car Float" for the Glen Rock Fourth of July Parade in 2020. After the parade, the Glen Rock Library hosted the statue until July 2021 when it was moved to its permanent residence in the Glen Rock Borough Hall.

Materials: Spray Paint on Cardboard, Hot Glue

image000000 (1).jpg

Modern Wicker

This piece was fully modeled using nTop to create the woven pattern. This piece aimed to explore modern automated methods for recreating the traditional woven basket. Within the design software nTop, the user can change the pattern's thickness, number, and spacing and see the entire design change in seconds. Then, the chosen design was printed with the wooden 3D printer from Forust showcasing a modern manufacturing method. 

Materials: 3D Printed Wood

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