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Mandy Rosengren

Mandy is a mechanical engineer based in Somerville, Massachusetts,  an Ambassador Women in 3D Printing Boston, and a Senior Solutions Engineer at nTop, developing advanced design workflows in areas of simulation, topology optimization, latticing, automation, field-driven design, and DfAM. She is experienced in designing medical devices, prosthetic design, automotive design, and industrial design. Check out some of her favorite projects below.

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Professional Highlights


Additive Intern

Developing additive solutions for biomedical devices and teaching design for additive manufacturing concepts


Senior Engineer

Solving customer modeling challenges through computational design and leading the development of nTop's Learning Center


Boston Ambassador

Collaborating with innovative 3D printing and modeling companies to provide panels and networking events in the Boston region


Shop assistant

Instructing students on various manufacturing equipment and improving safety and documentation within the lab

100 Days of Making

Starting on June 24th, 2020, I challenged myself to make something every day with a focus on 3D modeling. Throughout the 100 days, I prototyped 66 different projects and utilized five software (SolidWorks, nTop, Blender, Autodesk Meshmixer, and nPower Software). To explore my project further and to hear more in-depth descriptions of each project accomplished during the 100 days, check out the PDF below or my Instagram: mandymakes_100days

Wearable Tech

In Spring 2020, Mandy Rosengren developed wearable technology for select costumes in Some Common Fate. Shown below are the different costumes designed to include sensors, motors, and LEDs.  Also featured are some of the costumes developed for this undergraduate research project in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Tufts University as well as for the play development. Due to the pandemic, the show could not be in full production, but you can see the sketches and some of the completed costumes by clicking the learn more button. 

Senior Design

Cupcycle was developed by Mandy Rosengren, Katie Melsky, and Chris Colcord for the Senior Design Project in the Fall of 2019 at Tufts University. Cupcycle transforms a paper coffee cup into coasters and mosaics. Currently, few paper coffee cups can be recycled due to the thin layers of plastic or wax that prevent water from seeping through the cup. However, in Cupcycle, this liner acts as a glue to keep the shape of the coasters. 

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