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In May 2020 I graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University. Below are some of the projects I developed with these engineering skills that I made in my classes, in a summer program at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), in my internship at Bray Labs or during my free time. 

Featured Projects: 

Shadow Play Webpage

I developed this webpage after participating in ITP Camp in June 2020. This webpage utilizes Google's Teachable Machines to show an animal based on the shadow puppet displayed by the user.

Wearable Tech Costumes: Undergrad Research

In Spring 2020, Mandy Rosengren and her Costume Design Assistant, Lydia Vignale, developed wearable technology for select costumes in Some Common Fate. To learn more please click here.

AT Embroidery Stand
Flipcutting a Frisbee

This is a blog post created during my internship at Bray Labs to demonstrate the process of "Flipcutting" (2 sided milling) a Frisbee with a CNC.

draw nose

I developed this webpage after participating in ITP Camp in June 2020. This webpage utilizes Google's Posenet to follow the user's nose to draw based on the color they choose.

Mix and Match Ukulele

This Ukulele was made during the Bray Labs internship to demonstrate to a Musical Instrument Design class at Tufts how sound changes with changes to an instrument. All pieces of the ukulele can be taken apart, and new pieces can be put in its place. The parts were 3D modeled in SolidWorks and printed with the Stratysis 3D printer.


In Senior Fall, I worked with Chris Colcord and Katie Melsky to create "Cupcycle" in our Senior Design Class. Our project converts a used paper cup into a spiral coaster. Right now, paper cups are not recycled because of their liner, but this project utilized that aspect as an adhesive, so the spiral coaster is created using only a bit of heat and human power!

Soft Clamps

This detachable bed table was designed in a group for the "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" class at Tufts University.

Living Hinge Wooden Purse

This is a personal project that combines two of my passions: sewing and engineering.

Designing a Mask

This is a blog post from the Bray Labs internship, created to encourage students to use the Vacuum Form. The parts of the mask were 3D modeled on SolidWorks, printed on the Dimension 3D printer and then placed in a Vacuum Form to create the mask.

Brace Design

I was commissioned in 2018 to design a brace to keep a hand in place for blood pressure monitoring for a Blood Pressure Imager by MD Mohan Thanikachalam. These are the digital sketches for a hand brace that also kept the device in place.


These elephants were designed in SolidWorks and 3D printed in three different orientations out of Titanium, utilizing Materialize Magics software.

Floor Plan for Clue

This Floor Plan was created with Revit as a fun way to combine a childhood game with engineering.

"I'm Turning" Biking Jacket

This jacket combined what I learned at the Koba Winter School of WickedFabrics with my interests in sewing, engineering and biking. This jacket lights up to show the direction that a biker is turning based on American biking hand signals. This jacket was made from scratch and used a tilt switch to recognize the hand signals as well as two lulus and an Adafruit. I hope to continue prototyping my jacket and inspire students at my school to learn more about wearable technology.

Brace for a Blood Pressure Imager

I was commissioned in 2018 to design a brace for a Blood Pressure Imager by MD Mohan Thanikachalam as well as a way to finitely increase the pressure. These are the parts of the final design which is composed of felt, foam, Velcro and 3D printed materials.

"Out of this World" Lamp

This lamp was created on Inventor for a "Computer Aided Design" class at Tufts University. It was designed as an educational tool to teach children about the solar system.


This is a holder for pencils, crayons and pastels in the shape of a porcupine. The design was created on SolidWorks and was 3D Printed.

glasses holder

This group project was created during the Bray Summer Internship (2018) using a Laser Cutter, SolidWorks and Illustrator.


This bike was designed for a Computer Aided Design class at Tufts University. To see this bike animated, check out the Tufts Bikes Promo Video.

Turntable Teardown
Weighted Overlay for Wind Suitability in

Designed using ArcGIS for the "Climate Change Engineering" class at Tufts University.

Wheelchair Accessory

This is a 3D prototype of a wheelchair accessory that will stabilize a video camera. This was designed as group project during SCAD Summer Classes in 2015.

Elephant Hook

This is a 3D model of an elephant head that acts as a wall hook. This was created with Inventor.

Rain Barrel System

This rain barrel system was designed for the "Climate Change Engineering" class at Tufts University. This was created using Powerpoint.

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