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Costume Development


Mandy Rosengren

Hi! I am a costume designer, technician, and engineer based in Somerville, Massachusetts. I started sewing at the age of 6, and I have loved creating comfortable and sustainable costumes for local theaters ever since. Check out some of my favorite productions below! 

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Mr. Burns - A Post Electric Play

Costume Designer for 3P's production of Mr. Burns - A Post Electric Play at Tufts Univeristy in Sprint 2019. In three acts, the show explores how culture changes and stays the same after an apocolpse through the lens of telling Simpson stories. 

Some Common Fate

In Spring 2020, Mandy Rosengren developed wearable technology for select costumes in Some Common Fate. Shown below are the different costumes designed to include sensors, motors, and LEDs.  Also featured are some of the costumes developed for this undergraduate research project in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Tufts University as well as for the play development. Due to the pandemic, the show could not be in full production, but you can see the sketches and some of the completed costumes by clicking the learn more button. 

William Shakespeare's Star Wars Episode iV

In Spring 2016, Mandy Rosengren costume designed and costume teched the Glen Rock High School's production of William Shakespeare's Start Wars Episode 1V and led three costume assistants. 

Production List & Skills

9 Years of Experience in designing and developing costumes for six production companies. 

Honolulu Theater For Youth


Dog Ear Theater Productions

3Ps at Tufts University

Tufts University Drama Department

3Ps at Tufts University

3Ps at Tufts University

3Ps at Tufts University


Torn Ticket at Tufts University


Glen Rock High School


Glen Rock High School


Glen Rock High School


Saddle River Youth Theater

Forest Flutters

Some Common Fate

Between Two Worlds

Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play




[title of show]


Little Shop of Horrors

William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Episode IV

The Matchmaker 

The Little Mermaid

2024, Designer and creator of the Akohekohe Costume

2020, Costume Designer, Technician and Writer

2019, Creator of Persephone’s costume

2019, Costume Designer 

2019, Assistant Costume Designer

2018, Costume Designer

2018, Costume Designer

2017, Costume Designer

2017, Costume Designer

2016, Costume Designer and Technician

2016, Costume Designer and Technician

2015, Costume Designer and Technician

2015, Costume Designer and Technician

Production Company



Skills & Additional Work/Education

Education: Needlecraft School, FIT (Draping Course), Independent Study (Through Drama Department and Mechanical Engineering Department at Tufts), Kobakant School of WickedFabric (weeklong wearable tech course in Berlin)

Additional Work/Volunteerism: Teacher's Assistant in Intro Hardware and Wearable Tech at Somerville High School (2023-Present), Costume Shop Assistant at Tufts University (2017-2020), Sewing Teacher at Needlecraft School, Sewing Teacher at Libbilicious

Equipment: Sewing Machine, Embroidery Machine, Serger, FDM and SLA 3D Printers, CNC Router, Laser Cutter, Horizontal and Vertical Band Saws, Drill Press, Jump Shear, Beverly Shear, Belt Sander, Grinder, Soldering Iron, Welding

Tufts Costume 


Medford, MA, Shop Assistant, 2017-2020

Sewing: Sewed costumes and altered patterns for  the Tufts Drama and Dance Department

Organizing: Assisted in fittings and completed organization tasks for the shop  

Saddle River Youth Theater

Tempe, AZ, Costume Draper and Builder, March 2019

Hands-On Development, Fast Pacing: created (over the course of one day) a dress for the main character in the production of Between Two Worlds for an ASU Graduate Student's Thesis  

Libbylicious Sewing School

Wyckoff, NJ, Shop Counselor, 2015

Teaching, Patternmaking: Taught sewing and problem solving skills at a sewing day camp for children ages  6-14; created unique patterns for sewing projects inspired by images from the students 

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